Soulflower Shampoo Bar Review

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Soulflower shampoo bars are not like your conventional shampoo liquids that come concealed in a bottle. These are shampoo bars just like soap bars, but with all the goodness and lather of a shampoo. These are available in four types and one can pick a type suitable for their hair. The bars weigh 150 gm each. 

Each Soulflower shampoo bar is 100% natural, pure and vegan. These are hand-crafted soaps made using traditional Ayurvedic methods. Each bar contains higher percentages of nutrient-rich oils, essential oils, organic extracts and ultra-moisturizing butters. The bars are made with a unique process that ensures all the essential oils, herbs and extracts retain their therapeutic properties. They do not lose their distinctive aromas. 

I found these bars especially good because they are each cold-pressed at room temperatures without any additional heat or glycerin. It results in a toxin-free saponification process. Glycerin hydrates and moisturizes the skin and also protects it from skin infections. The nourishing oils left my hair feeling soft, shiny and manageable. Here is a detailed review of each of these Soulflower shampoo bars.

Soulflower Conditioning Onion Ratanjot Hair Cleansing Bar, 150 gm:

This bar cleanses and nourishes hair and scalp. This one is suitable for normal, dry and oily hair. It is free from sulfates, parabens and mineral oils. This soap bar is made with the goodness of onion juice, fresh aloe vera extracts and castor oil. This Ayurvedic formula bar is known to improve hair condition, control dandruff and maintain a healthy scalp. It contains Essentials oils of onion, orange, sandalwood, cold pressed onion juice, extracts of curry leaves, hibiscus, amla, 

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henna, Reetha, brahmi, ratanjot, castor, oils of coconut, Jojoba, wheat germ, Avocado, palm and palm kernel, vitamin E and shea butter.

Soulflower Rosemary Lavender Hair Cleansing Bar with Jojoba Oil, 150g:

This shampoo bar controls split ends, greasiness and hair fall. It is suitable for normal to dry hair. It mainly controls greasiness. The shampoo bar is free from mineral oil, SLS, parabens and sulfates. The Jojoba oil removes impurities and absorbs excess oil without disturbing the natural sebum in your hair. It gives a rich lather and regular use repairs hair damage.

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Soulflower Reetha, Coconut Milk Hair Cleansing Bar, 150 gm:

This shampoo bar’s main benefit is to control hair fall. It cleanses hair and scalp and is suitable for oily and combination hair types. This hand-made natural oil-based soap ensures that your hair shines all day long. It contains Lemon Essential Oil, Ginger Juice, Coconut Milk, Reetha Powder, Olive Oil, Coconut Palm, Castor oil and Vitamin E. It ensures that your hair shines all day long. The pure lemon oil is rich in Vitamin A and C and it also keeps your scalp healthy. The coconut milk has rich antimicrobial properties that condition the scalp and pure Reetha powder controls hair fall. 

Sandalwood Geranium Shampoo Soap Bar:

This one gives lustrous hair after washing. It gives your hair a shiny and healthy look. This one is made with pure Sandalwood oil and Geranium Essential oil that give your hair a smooth and shiny look. It also contains Reetha and Shikakai that protects your hair from damage and also hydrates your scalp. The vitamin E formula rebalances dryness and maintains softens in your hair. 

Final Verdict:

Soulflower Shampoo bars are made with natural ingredients that promise to offer a world of goodness to your hair. They also last longer than a traditional shampoo bottle. I would highly recommend these to anyone who does not want to use a lot of chemicals in their hair. 

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