Vaadi Herbals shampoo is made with herbal and natural ingredients. It is paraben and sulfate-free and suitable for men and women both.

Vaadi Herbals Shampoo Review

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Vaadi Herbals shampoo is an excellent herbal shampoo that contains the goodness of Amla and Reetha. I was on the lookout for a natural and herbal shampoo since I did not want to use any chemicals on my color-treated hair. I was very happy with Vaadi Herbals shampoo. Here is my detailed review and honest opinion on this shampoo.


  • This shampoo comes in a 350 ml bottle. 
  • It is suitable for all hair types.
  • Amla strengthens hair and prevents hair fall.
  • Reetha adds shine and bounce to your hair.
  • This shampoo is an excellent remedy for hair-fall as it follows a triple-action plan that promotes healthy scalp, strengthens hair roots and deep-conditions your hair.
  •  It is suitable for men and women both.

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This one is an expert remedy for hairfall. Vaadi Herbals shampoo follows a triple action plan that promotes healthy scalp and strengthens hair roots. It also deeply conditions your hair. The Shikakai and reetha in this shampoo keeps your scalp free from infections. Amla strengthens and stimulates hair follicles and also promotes hair growth.

Why Should You Buy Vaadi Herbals Shampoo?

Everyone loves to have a gorgeous mane. Beautiful hair locks often get affected when one does not have ample time to take care of them. The hectic lifestyle of today takes a toll on your hair, leaving them dull and damaged. Wind also robs hair of its moisture and makes your hair frizzy and fragile. It becomes more prone to breakage and results in a plethora of hair-related problems such as dandruff, thinning and itching. 

With more stress and poor hair-care, you will see an effect on your hair soon. It is natural to get duped by false marketing claims of chemical-laden products that only damage your hair further. But, if you wash your hair with natural ingredients, you can stop the damage and cleanse your hair properly without any harm. 

Goodness of Amla in Vaadi Herbals Shampoo:

Indian gooseberry or Amla is the magic ingredient for all hair problems in ancient Ayurveda. As you age or as your hair gets damaged largely, the hair follicles weaken. They loose their strength and become brittle and even show signs of premature ageing. Amla reaches such weak follicles, nourishes the scalp and helps to prevent hair fall. Amla is power-packed with Vitamin C, that is an excellent exfoliating agent. It cleanses the scalp and is also anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory. It prevents scalp conditions and nips them in the bug. It treats split-ends and provides natural shine and lustre by rejuvenating damaged hair. It can also be used on chemically-treated hair as it does not allow free radicals to damage the hair.

Vaadi Herbals Amla Shikakai Hair Fall and Damage Control Shampoo, 350ml with Olive Conditioner, 350ml

Goodness of Shikakai in Vaadi Herbals Shampoo:

Shikakai cleanses your hair properly. It offers deep-conditioning to the scalp and also makes your hair soft to touch. Lack of hair care, poor appetite and hectic lifestyles can make hair dull, lifeless and frizzy. Shikakai tames such frizzy hair and makes them soft and manageable. It deeply conditions the hair and regulates oil in the scalp. It works wonders with your hair without stripping it off its natural oils. It takes the texture and provides the necessary nourishment to your hair as well. As Shikakai has low pH, it is very mild on your hair and helps to tackle dandruff.

Vaadi Herbals Lavender Shampoo with Rosemary Extract, Intensive Repair System, 350 ml

Goodness of Reetha in Vaadi Herbals Shampoo:

Reetha is scientifically known as Sapindus mukorossi. It has been used since the ancient times for hair wellness and care. Reetha contains a saponin that has soap-like properties. It helps in effective cleaning of your hair. It conditions the scalp and ensures that your hair grows properly. It makes your hair shinier, beautiful and more manageable. It also makes your hair softer to touch. It has insecticidal properties that do not let the microbes persist on your hair for longer. 

Vaadi Herbals Superbly Smoothing Heena Shampoo with Green Tea Extracts, 350g

Final Verdict:

Vaadi Herbals shampoo is an excellent product for those who have been seeking a natural product to rejuvenate and boost their hair. This herbal shampoo will make your hair lustrous and manageable use after use. 

Vaadi Herbals Lavender Shampoo, 110ml with Corn Rose Conditioner, 110ml