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The Best Electric Grills Reviews

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Electric grills are a great way to expand your culinary prowess. A charcoal grill or grilling over the stove can take a lot of time. Grilling food gives it a distinct smokey and charred taste that is amazing. So, if you are wondering which electric grill to buy, here are some of the best electric grills reviews.

Best Electric Grill Reviews:

George Foreman Indoor/Outdoor Electric Grill

This one is rated as the best overall electric grill that can be used outdoors as well as indoors. This model comes with a detachable stand so that you can use it outdoors in your patio as well as on your countertops indoors. It is quite spacious at 240 sq inch. It lets you make 15 servings at once and can be used for gatherings and parties. The griller also has a durable grill plate that can be removed for cleaning. The sloped grilling surface helps to drain off excess oil. It has a dishwasher-safe tray that collects all the grease and spills. You can adjust the temperature with the control knob up to five heat settings. It is easy to clean. 

Weber Q1400 Electric Grill

This electric grill is one of the best rated electric grills. This one is a table-top model with a 1560 watt heating capacity. It takes up 189 square inches of your cooking area. The griller comes with a 6-foot cord and so, you can easily place it where  you are comfortable. With a sleek exterior design and a cast aluminum lid, this one features an easy-to-use design. The griller comes with a large grip handle and control knobs. It has ergonomic side handles too. The inner temperature can be adjusted with the temperature setting knobs. You also get porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grates for searing your food. It is ideal for those who live in a condo.

Cuisinart GR-5B Indoor Electric Gridler

This electric grill works like a compact griller, panini press or a griddle. It is a countertop model with adjustable temperature control knobs. You can control temperatures up to 450 degrees. This model is also easy to clean as it comes with dishwasher-safe cooking plates. It is a sleek indoor grill that offers 5 cooking options. It also has an LCD display and has digital controls that let you switch between functions easily. The griller has a floating cover and reversible cooking plates that are easy to remove and clean. It gets impressively hot and delivers amazing grilled food. 

These are the three best electric grillers you must consider for your house.


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