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A water purifier is a machine that filters and purifies water and makes it suitable for drinking. Most houses install a water purifier today to ensure that they and their family members drink clean, safe and pure water. The pipelines carrying water are often contaminated with germs, bacteria, dirt, and other debris that make it unsuitable for consumption. A water purifier also makes hard water suitable for drinking. Let us know more about the best water purifiers available today.

Which is the best water purifier?

There are many parameters that decide whether a water purifier is good or not. It should be affordable. It should not consume too much electricity. A good water purifier also comes with ample storage, so that you need not switch on the machine every time you want to refill a bottle. While removing harmful contaminants from water, it should not remove the important minerals like fluoride from water. It should maintain the apt pH level of water and make it absolutely perfect for human and pets consumption.

How to Install a Water Purifier at Home?

Most water purifiers come with an instruction manual that guides you on how to install it. If you are buying it from an agent, they give free installation. Some companies have tie ups with technicians in each city, and so, when you buy a water purifier online, you get a free installation from the respective agent in your city.

If you are going to install your water purifier yourself, it is best recommended to install it above or near your kitchen sink. This ensures that the waste water pipe drains bad (undrinkable) water straight into the sink drain.

Here are some steps to help you install a water purifier at home:

Mount the Dispenser:

Most of the time, dispensers are made in such a way that they fit in the extra hole of the sink top, But, if you do not have such provision, you can drill another hole in your sink or countertop.

Install a Saddle Valve:

To install a saddle valve, you need to first turn off the water supply and then open the faucet to drain the line. Next, drill a small hole in the supply line and turn the handle on the valve so that the lance is exposed. This lance is used to puncture the pipe. Then position the valve over the pipe such that the lance fixes in the hole. After you have done that, attach the back plate of the valve and tighten the nuts to fix it in place. Lastly, screw the lance.

Tighten the Cartridge Filtration Unit:

Each water purifier comes with a cartridge filtration unit. You need to keep it in the right position between the dispenser and the cold water line. Then, secure the device to the cabinet wall or back with the screws provided.

Hook up the Machine:

Cut a length of plastic tube such that it reaches between the system and the saddle valve. It should be long enough to install a new compression fitting. Press the tubing into the compression fitting and then thread it on the saddle valve. Next, use an adjustable wrench to tighten.

Connect the Filtration Unit:

The filtration unit should be connected to the water supply line. Insert the opposite end of the tube into the other compression fitting and then thread it on the inlet port of the filtration unit. Lastly, secure the nut.

Connect the Water Dispenser:

In the end, cut a piece of the tubing so that it runs from the outlet port of the device to the water dispenser. Fix the compression fittings on both ends and thread the nuts on the dispenser and the system. Turn on the water supply and open the dispenser. Let the water flow for some time to flush out toxins or any air pockets.

This is a step-by-step guide to installing a water purifier yourself. If you need help buying the best water purifiers online, then browse through the list below.

Best Water Purifiers:

  • Eureka Forbes AquaSure from Aquaguard

AquaSure Amaze from Aquaguard is a sleek and compact water purifiers that comes with an advanced TDS regulator that helps you adjust the taste of water as per your requirement. It is trusted by many people across the nation and many prefer it as a favorite brand in more than 1500 cities. It also ensures safe drinking water for many people.

It comes with a smart purifier – LED indicator that shows when the tank is full. The multi-stage purification system includes RO+UV+MTDS that assures you of 100% safe water. There is a long-lasting cartridge in here with a 6000 litres cartridge capacity. The purifier also comes with a 7 litre tank that gives safe drinking water. The sleek and compact design and the energy saving mode of this water purifier makes it the best water purifier to buy.

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  • KENT Supreme 2020 Water Purifier

This water purifier from Kent comes with a multiple purification process including RO + UF+TDS control that removes dissolved chemicals such as pesticides, rust and more. It kills bacteria and viruses to make water suitable for consumption. The TDS control system allows adjustment of TDS level of purified water and helps to retain natural minerals in drinking water.

This water purifier is suitable for purification of brackish or municipal water supply. It has a capacity of 8 liters and comes with a wall mountable design. It is best suited for domestic purpose. The design also needs less space for installation. The fully-automated design and operation ensures that you do not run out of drinking water.

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  • Eureka Forbes AquaSure from Aquaguard Delight (RO+UV+MTDS)

This water filter comes with a 7 liters storage tank consuming a power of 230 watts only. You get free installation on this product. It can be used for TDS for 2000 PPM. You can check the TDS meter to find out the correct TDS of your water. It uses advanced RO+UV+MTDS technology. It is suitable for areas that need water storage. The regulator easily adjusts the levels of TDS and ensure you get healthy and safe drinking water.

A booster pump is also needed for functioning of water purification in case the inlet water pressure is less. You can avail extra pressure inlet by the technician who comes to install this device.

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  • Kent – 11076 New Grand Best Water Purifier

This multiple purification technology gives you RO+UV+UF+TDS control. It easily removes all the dissolved impurities such as rust, arsenic, fluorides and it also kills bacteria and viruses. It makes water 100% pure for drinking. The TDS control system allows you to adjust TDS levels of purified water and help you retain the essential minerals in your water.

The wall-mountable design makes it useful for domestic purposes. The water level indicator helps you keep a track of water in the storage tank. There is a 20 litres per hour storage capacity. The pre Filter is not included in this unit. It is suitable for places that get brackish or hard water.

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  • HUL Pureit Eco Water Saver Water Purifier

This water purifier from HUL comes with a massive 10 litres capacity. It is made from food-grade engineered plastic. You get free installation by the brand. The purifier can be used for TDS up to 2000 ppm. It can treat many sources of water such as that coming from tap water, tanker or borewell. It is one of the highest water-saving RO that comes with a recovery rate of 60%.

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As compared to other ROs, this water purifier saves upto 80 glasses of water. It follows an intense 7-stage water purification process to give 100% RO water. It enriches the water with important minerals and delivers sweet drinking water.