Drimaster Heating System - 10 minutes for mom

Drimaster Heating System

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Sometimes in very chilly weather conditions, it becomes important to install a heating system in the house to survive the cold weather. Running a heater on electricity throughout can be very costly and even risky. Moreover, that generates a lot of sound and pollution. An integral heater which also works as an air purifier works great during such circumstances and is a must in places where winter lasts for more than 6 months with constant snowfall.

Drimaster Heating System - 10 minutes for mom

Reviews of Below 3 Products: 

Drimaster Heat WITH FREE DIGITAL HYGROMETER – Nuaire PIV Unit For Use In Homes With Lofts to Deal With Condensation And Black Mould

This Drimaster Heat provides whole home ventilation. It can be easily installed within a loft space and has a whisper quiet operation. An internal temperature sensor is also built-in inside this system. It significantly improves indoor air quality. The 5 years manufacturer’s warranty on the product is too good. The unit consumes 500 W and provides additional heating of the incoming air. It filters the air throughout. During very cold spells, the heater on the unit switches on automatically for added benefit.

It works on the PIV (positive input ventilation) method where fresh filtered air is introduced into the home at a continuous rate. Hence, the house always stays ventilated with clean and dust free air with no humidity. It prevents mould growth and controls dust and mite allergens. It has an intelligent heat recovery twin sensor. It has low power consumption. With this unit, you can now relax and feel warm and comfortable even in very cold weather conditions. 

Nuaire Drimaster With Heat – Condensation Ventilation Loft Unit

This product has an intelligent anti condensation fan. It can be mounted somewhere in the loft and has a whisper like quiet performance. It significantly improves the indoor air quality. This machine cures severe condensation problems during damp climatic conditions. The ventilator works on the non utilized heat on the roof to take advantage of the free thermal gain.

When the climate is cold, the heater facility of the gadget can be utilized and the heat can be evenly distributed throughout the home atmosphere. Positive input ventilation fans draw fresh air from the outside and filter the allergens and pollutants from the outside into the warm atmosphere of the home. This keeps the house secure with clean and warm humidity free air to breathe. It is priced quite low and also has lower power usage.

Nuaire Drimaster Condensation Ventilation Loft Unit

Your entire home can be very well ventilated with this unit. It can mount in the loft and features a super quiet performance. The system has a standby set up for the summer months and comes with a 5 years warranty. This unit works on PIV and hence fresh air is circulated inside from the outside after rendering it free from allergens and dust particles. The system offers ventilation for homes with 2 to 3 stories.

All the condensation allergens are easily removed and mould and mildew cannot form in the house. It is clinically proven to help asthma and allergy sufferers. It minimizes loss of heat in the loft by recirculating the air and saving energy.