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What is the Job Role of the NOC Engineer?

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NOC Engineer: To accomplish their basic target of monitoring and troubleshooting computer and telecom systems and networks, NOC Engineers perform many tasks.

NOC Engineer Job Description

NOC Engineers monitor large computer networks and servers from a central location for any issues.

They look at issues, perform troubleshooting and incident responses on the system, speak with site specialists, and track issues through to resolution.

As the telecom and IT enterprises continue to grow and end up being more complex, the need of network engineers is undeniable. As a result the job growth rate for NOC Engineers is still strong. The job growth of 12 percent by 2024 for all computer support specialists, including NOC Engineers is predicted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

NOC Engineer obligations and duties

Based on few NOC Engineer job postings:

Monitor Systems:

NOC Engineers duty is to monitor the network performance and capacity. In this job, they check the computer systems using a variety of networking tools. They look for hardware, software, and environmental alerts or breakdowns. When an issue is discovered, NOC Engineers work to discover the reason behind the issue.

Troubleshoot Problems:

If a problem rises in IT services, the NOC Engineer will report immediately. And he detects the cause of the issue and troubleshoot the same. NOCs usually have a standard operating technique that the NOC Engineer will closely follow. This may consolidate collaborating with third-party vendors, customer contacts, or other IT teams.

Track all Issues:

While responding to incidents, the NOC Engineer needs to carefully track and document all issues and resolutions in detail. This creates the knowledge base of the NOC and is a record of the quality of the system performance. Frequently, the NOC has a ticketing system that the NOC Engineer is responsible for updating.

Report Incidents:

If a large or complex issue is there, NOC engineer must look for quick resolution. He needs to report the case to the management and other IT authorities too. Sometimes he needs to make this point clear to the third-party dealers as a part support.

Real-time communication between team and remote workplaces should be maintained by NOC engineers. It’s his responsibility to make partners aware of the issues and working progressions when needed.

The Additional Capabilities of the NOC Engineer

  • Email hosting services
  • Voice and video data management
  • Documentation and reporting
  • Data storage management
  • Power failure monitoring
  • Oversee system back-ups
  • Merchant ticket management
  • Managing common threats, DOS attacks, and viruses
  • Network analysis and routine exploring
  • Keeping up the quality of the core network
  • Partaking in on-call rotation shifts 24*7 whenever needed
  • Identifying proof and prevention of any possible issues as for the network
  • Making proposals for improvements in definitive productivity and the network

How to Become a NOC Engineer?

If you’re enthused about transforming into a NOC Engineer, one of the fundamental fascinating points is how much education you need. We’ve confirmed that 42.4% of NOC Engineers have a four-year college education. As to higher education levels, we found that 13.3% of NOC Engineers have post-graduate educations. In spite of the way that most NOC Engineers have professional education, it’s possible to get one with only a school degree or GED.

Picking the right major is always a noteworthy step while examining how to transform into a NOC Engineer. When we examined the most notable majors for a NOC Engineer, we found that the most commonly acquire Computer Science degrees or Electrical Engineering degrees.

Often Computer Information Systems degrees or Computer Networking degrees are included in NOC Engineer profiles.

You may find that experience with other jobs will help you with transforming into a NOC Engineer. As a matter of fact, many NOC Engineer occupations require experience in a field, for instance, Network Engineer. In the meantime, many NOC Engineers also have previous professional experience in networking roles, for instance, Systems Administrator or Technical Support Specialist.

Is a NOC engineer a good career option?

YES, it’s a good career option. An inconceivably enormous portion of it is basically physical maintenance. A Good NOC engineer files his NOC by the sound, the hard drives spinning, and a wide scope of “Feel”, to what HIS NOC should run like.

Walk the server rack rows, look for drive lights, and tune in for failing drives, Feel for the cooling system airflow from the back of the servers.

For freshers to start a career in this field:

The career path of NOC engineers stops after several years if they don’t upgrade their skills to DevOps. DevOps is a mix of NOC and programming.

For a fresher who couldn’t secure a programmer’s job even after a period of graduation, NOC is only a horrible field to get into. Odd working hours will be there, especially if the position is at a medium to large-sized company. In any case, while working as a NOC engineer, one should update one’s skills to DevOps.

Demand for NOC engineers

As technologies keep developing and change, the demand grows to meet system necessities. NOC Engineers are noteworthy to guarantee the quality and achievement of the system while speaking with IT specialists.

The growth of around six percent is foreseen in the job of NOC engineers, from 2016 to 2026. The demand for NOC engineers has stretched out in the last decade as companies have extended their IT networks. Many companies also foresee that candidates should have explicit network certifications and long years of field experience.

What is the future scope of the NOC engineer?

A NOC engineer has a couple of commitments to ensure the smooth running of the networks. They manage things, for instance, DDoS Attacks, power outages, network failures, and routing black-holes.

There are clearly the essential job activities, for instance, remote hands, support, the configuration of hardware.

NOC engineers are also subject to observing operations, for instance, network usage, temperatures, etc. They would also need to install equipment, for instance, KVMs, racks, IP-PDU set up, running cabling.

A large portion of NOC engineers is also available to come into work 24*7 – if the need emerges and have a 5-6 day rotation, working different shifts.

Future scopes in:

  • Global network operations center (GNOC)
  • Information security operations center
  • Security operations center
  • Central apparatus room
  • Datacenters
  • Master control
  • NetOps

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