Best Room Heaters Reviews

Best Room Heaters Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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Room heaters are no more a luxury today. Everyone invests in a good quality room heater to bear the chilly winter months. These electronic gadgets are more useful in places which have extreme cold climates during the winter months. If you are also looking for a good quality room heater, then refer to our buyer’s guide below. We have listed few of the best room heaters you can invest in.

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Best Room Heaters:

1. Usha Quartz Room Heater :

Usha Quartz room heater is designed in India. This device is meant for room heating. It runs on 230V and has a frequency of 50Hz. It is ideal enough to heat a room of size 120 sq ft. only. There is a safety tip over switch that cuts off the heater in case of falls or tilts. The device has a unique powder coating that prevents corrosion. It is designed for low power consumption. There are two heating positions to suit your comfort preferences. The device comes with a year’s warranty and consumes 400 to 800 watts power. This root heater from Usha comes with a power cord storage facility. You can easily mount the heater on the hooks provided at the back of the device.

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With adjustable temperature settings, this ivory colored room heater can effectively heat any surrounding. It is a great unit to warm you during winters. There is an automatic switch that shuts off before it can overheat, to prevent overheating. The heating element used is a quartz blue. All in all, an ergonomically designed amazing room heater from a renowned brand Usha, this one is a must buy.

2. Orpat OEH Fan Heater:

This room heater from Orpat is designed for spot heating. It is perfect for a room of size 250 sq ft. It is ideal for a medium or small sized room only. The heater makes some noise because of its fan mechanism. It has a plastic and metal body. The device is non sagging or stitching type and provides heating for long. There is a safety cut-off feature and an overheat protection managed by an automatic switch. The heater comes with a thermal cut-off for additional safety. There are two safety settings – 1000 watts and 2000 watts.

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This one is a must-have device for winters as it ensures that your homes and offices are well-heated and warm. The design enables the heat to spread widely so that you don’t have to snuggle close to the heater. The temperature settings can be easily maneuvered with the help of a knob. The device can manage heating at a high temperature for prolonged durations without any damage to its heating elements. The exterior body of the heater remains cool and so there is no harm if you accidentally touch it. The Heater comes with a one year warranty but there is just white color option.

3. Havells Calido PTC Fan Heater :

The Havells Calido PTC Fan Heater has 2 heat settings at 1300W and 2000W. One can choose any heat setting as per their requirements. The heating element offers safer, faster and energy-efficient heating. The device comes with an oscillation function that delivers multi-directional heating. There is a cleanable dush filter that does not allow dust to enter the body and also allows easy cleaning. There is an automatic switch that shuts off in case of overheating. There is a year’s warranty on the product and it consumes power of 2000 watts. 

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This awesome room heater should be your pick if you want to usher in some warmth indoors during cold winters. The plastic framed body is available in various hues, which makes the heater visually appealing. It is also anti-corrosive and resistant to chemicals. The room heater is lightweight. It has a thermostat to regulate the temperature easily. It controls the heating system via its air-filled control tubes. The heater also has a red light indicator that makes it easy to comprehend whether the device is on or off. 

4. Zigma Room Heater:

This room heater from Zigma is ISI certified. It comes with a copper winded and very powerful 2500 RPM motor that delivers quick heating and can be used vertically as well as horizontally. It is a safe and reliable device that ensures you enjoy your peace of mind when it comes to safety. There is an overheat protection feature that is controlled by an auto shut-off switch. The operation of the room heater is not only efficient, but also safe. There is a carrying handle that makes it easy to transport the device between rooms.

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The room heater consumes 2000 watts power and has a powerful delivery experience. It gives consistent output in small areas. There is a quick-heating element feature including 1000watt, 2000watt, or just fan only. The device comes with an LED indicator light that specifies when the unit is on. It comes with a year’s warranty.

5. Candes Nova Fan Room Heater:

The Candes Nova Fan Room heater has a powerful 2400 RPM copper winded motor that quickly heats it. This device can be used either vertically or horizontally. Sometimes, you may experience a burning smell when the heater is turned on for the first time, but this is only because of the varnish getting heated. The air throw range of the heater is 10 ft, that is ideal for small rooms. This product can be placed vertically or horizontally. You can change the temperature setting to cool, warm or hot with the help of a knob adjustment. The regulator changes heating power only and does not alter the fan speed. 

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This is one of the latest and newly improved room heaters that deliver fast and quick heating in any room. There is an adjustable temperature control feature that enables you to select from different heat settings. The in-built material used is of the highest grade that delivers good performance and great efficiency. The fan heater has two heat settings that come with a variable thermostat and a cool blow function. There is an anti-freeze protection as well along with an auto-cut off and an integral carrying handle. 

6. Amazon Brand – Solimo Room Heater :

This one is a powerful 2400 RPM copper winded motor machine that gives quick heating. This room heater can be placed both vertically and horizontally. You are advised to always use the product with 16A plug only. It can be used on lower rating sockets as well. It comes with a year’s warranty. The air throw range is 10 ft, which is perfect for small to medium rooms. You can place the product both vertically or horizontally. There is a warm, cool and hot wind selection knob for variable heat setting. The regulator changes heating power only and not the fan speed. 

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This device from Solimo is a great buy as it is lightweight and efficient. It comes with a plastic and rust-free body with a metal grill front. There is an in-built overheating protection feature. It consumes 2000 watts power and uses operating voltage between 220 to 240 volts. The device is ergonomically built to ensure easy maneuvering and control. 

7. Orient Electric HC2003D 2000-Watt Fan Heater:

This fan heater from Orient is meant for spot heating. It comes with a temperature control knob and an adjustable stand. There are two operational fans for faster heating. The device consumes power of 2000 watts. It also has a night light. You can select between low and high heating positions. 

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This room heater from Orient is quite handy and efficient. It comes with a unique mesh structure that greatly increases the air flow across a room. It gives quick heating. There is an adjustable temperature control option that allows one to choose quickly from different temperature settings. The room heater is both safe and efficient. It has a thermal cut option that ensures that the heater stays safe for prolonged periods of time. It has a power supply of 230 V. 50 Hz AC with earthing.

These are some of the best room heaters Amazon with variable price ranges. Select your pick for the upcoming winter season if you want to stay warm and cozy indoors. You can check amazon if you want to know more about the room heaters prices. 


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