Crack Filler and Caulk Substitute - Sentura

Crack Filler and Caulk Substitute – Sentura

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Hello, My name is Stacy McAllister and I reside in New Jersey. I have previously worked in a hard surface restoration company and am very passionate about any kind of floor, tile, grout, or glass restorations. Ever since I got married, I could not pursue my career, but the love for DIY restorations within me did not die. Today, I prefer to do all my home restorations myself. Having worked in a professional company before, I have ample knowledge about the right techniques and most importantly, about the right products. Today, I am going to discuss with you about the best crack filler and caulk substitute.

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Being a homemaker, I know how delicate hard surfaces like floors, countertops, showers and glass surfaces can be. It is ironic that they are called hard, because all these tend to get damaged very easily.

How do I Deal with Cracks?

Every year I note all the cracks in my tile and grout that have occurred over a year. I do not ignore even the tiniest of cracks in my grout or tile, because I know that cracks, if left ignored, quickly get bigger. The sharp edges of the formed cracks can easily hurt my family members walking bare feet. Moreover, water, dirt and other liquids tend to accumulate in these holes, inviting mold and bacteria breeding and stubborn staining.

So, after I make a note of all the cracks in my tile and grout, I open my bottle of Sentura and get to filling the cracks myself.

Why do I only Use Sentura?

As a restorator, I know the importance of quality products. Sentura is an amazing crack filler adhesive formulated by pFOkUS. D’Sapone – one of the leading restoration service providers in the country only use only pFOkUS products for their services.

Some Amazing Qualities in Sentura as a Crack Filler:

  • They also provide a 5-year labor warranty for their services done using Sentura.
  • This crack filler is based on a 1200pSi adhesion, making it a very strong adhesive. It never pops off a surface once applied.
  • It is an epoxy/resin grout adhesive that can be used to seal all the cracks in tile and grout. 
  • Sentura delivers sleek and natural looking lines and does not appear bulky.
  • The best part about Sentura is that it can be shaded with pFOkUS’ epoxy grout sealer to get a desired color. You can use this colored adhesive to seal the cracks then and get a seamless-looking repair job. You can get cracks refilled in a matching shade as Sentura makes the surface looking uniform and seamless.
  • Sentura is flexible and solvent-based, making it easier for application over grout and cracks.

How do I Deal with Peeling or Cracking Caulk?

Many homemakers ask me the same question repeatedly, thinking that I will be able to guide them to the best caulk brand for sealing their grout joints, tile joints, shower corners, tubs, sinks, etc, etc…

My answer will surprise you. I suggest all of you never use caulk to seal your gaps, joints or cracks. Use Sentura instead. It is the best caulk substitute that will put an end to caulking issues forever.

Some Amazing Qualities in Sentura as a Caulk Substitute:

  • Caulk starts to peel or crack within a few months as it is not weather-resistant. This leads to re-caulking frequently. As a homeowner, it can get very frustrating to keep getting caulking done in your shower corners and other such areas. Sentura, on the other hand, provides a permanent fix to sealing such gaps and joints. It is weather-resistant and provides permanent and long-lasting results.
  • Caulk is available in very few color options such as black or white. It looks very evident on your shower corners and often does not match your interior colors. Sentura, can be shaded in more than 40 colors and provides you with the option of matching your corner grout with your surrounding area.
  • Sentura is the best caulk substitute as it has put an end to caulking issues and re-caulking forever.
  • It does not look bulky and unnatural like caulk and delivers very sleek and natural-looking lines.
  • Caulk deteriorates within months and develops cracks, leading to mold on caulk and staining. Sentura is waterproof and weather-resistant and so, you will not have to worry about mold or stains.

All these qualities in Sentura as a crack filler and caulk substitute, make it an excellent product for restorations.

The instructions are easily explained on the bottle as well as on the website. So, for all your crack filling and caulking needs, get Sentura from pFOkUS and put an end to such issues forever.