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Home maintenance is an important part of your annual plans. While you do indulge in monthly and weekly cleaning, there are some areas of your house that need some heavy-duty maintenance to enhance its beauty. If you believe in calling professionals to help you maintain your houses, then it’s fine, but if you want to indulge in such restoration tasks yourself, then here is some good news.  pFOkUS – one of the leading hard surface restoration products manufacturing companies in the US is offering up to 15% off on all our star products. Our pFOkUS coupons will help you restore your surfaces to their original beauty.

When we talk about home improvement products, the only brand that comes to our minds is pFOkUS. We are offering 5% to 15% – buy more and save more! These pFOkUS coupons will add a spark to your shopping. Our coupons will help you save more while you buy your favorite products for home improvement. Often, you are in a dilemma when you want to restore your home yourself with the best of products, but cannot do so owing to their high prices. Keeping the needs of our customers in mind, we launch our yearly discounts and offers.

What are pFOkUS Coupons and How are they Applied?

pFOkUS coupons are applicable on all our products. When you purchase our products online from our website, discounts up to 15% are applied depending upon the product. pFOkUS coupons are our latest grab-worthy offers that you cannot afford to miss if you want to restore your premises with premium-quality products at affordable rates. 

We are offering discounts on all our products such as Imperia Deep Clean, Imperia Maintenance, Valore Sealer, Valore Maintenance, Caponi, Sentura, Benaz and more. Some of our star products are explained below.

What is so Special about pFOkUS’ Caponi and How does it Work?

pFOkUS Caponi coupon is a discounted coupon offered on our Grout Sealer – Caponi. Caponi is a very efficient colored grout sealer, which is available in 40 different colors. These colors are mostly earthy and neutral tones found in tiles. Caponi has a durable titanium base which does its work in just a single coat. It is a pigmented grout sealing system that is built on a rock-solid 2-part solvent titanium resin/epoxy foundation. It is made in such a way that it can cover all grout in just one coat. It is suitable for sealing both sanded and unsanded grout.

How to Apply Caponi?

  • After the grout has dried properly, you can apply the epoxy grout sealer. It is recommended to use an Italian made grout line painting brush from the same company, which makes the application job very easy.
  • Just apply the sealant in a smooth and even coat over the grout lines. You need to take care that you do not miss out any part of the grout.
  • After applying Caponi on the grout lines, just wipe off the excess build-up using Alco – a paint thinner.

What is so Special about pFOkUS’ Valore Maintenance and How does it Work?

pFOkUS Valore coupon is a discounted coupon offered on our floor tile and glass maintenance cleaner – Valore Maintenance. Valore Maintenance is a one-stop-formula that tackles all such surface cleaning and sealing needs. It is a powerful combination of a cleaner and sealer that also seals the surface while cleaning and maintains the top sealant coat on your tile, grout or glass. It is fortified at a molecular level through an ion exchange with infused 6.97% H2O2. This formula enables Valore Maintenance to deliver a hydrophilic layer on the tile, grout or glass surfaces, thereby making them waterproof. It also enhances the top seal of these surfaces and disinfects them.

How to Apply Valore Maintenance?

  • You need to first dilute the solution provided in the aluminum spray bottle as per your requirement.
  • Spray it directly on the surface.
  • Next, it is recommended to wipe clean with a soft wet cloth.

So, now that you know the benefits of pFOkUS Caponi and pFOkUS Valore, you should grab these products immediately. The best time to buy these products is now as you get an amazing discount up to 15% off on these products. You can now buy more and save more and manage to restore your surfaces just like new at a low budget.