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pFOkUS Reviews that Changed my Opinion 

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Today the digital marketing world is highly focused on reviews. Almost every buyer first checks for uploaded reviews of the product they want to buy. Reviews contain first-hand user experience and buyers are more able to connect with the reviewer than the company offering advice on a particular product. I too always rely on reviews before buying a particular product. Recently, when I was searching for a good grout sealer and tile and grout maintenance cleaner, I chanced upon pFOkUS reviews that changed my opinion about home restoration and cleanliness.

First, I would like to tell you a bit about pFOkUS. This information too, I got from Google. But before investing in their products, it was important for me to know a bit about the company. I learned that it is a restoration product manufacturing company who manufactures tile, stone, grout and glass restoration products in the laboratories. Knowing that the products were science-backed was impressive. 

I then searched for some honest customer pFOkUS reviews on their products. Because, regardless of an impressive company profile, if the customers are not satisfied, it makes no sense. I found all good reviews on Facebook and Google. 

The reviews were positive mostly. And most people praised the way Imperia Deep Clean would clean deep-rooted stains and mold and how Sentura worked better than caulk. I too decided to give pFOkUS a shot. Anyways I was fed up with caulking and re-caulking every 6 months. When I read that Sentura put an end to caulking forever, I could not wait to try at once. Here is my personal review on my experience with the products.

My Experience with Imperia Deep Clean:

ImperiaDeepclean - Reviews

I have installed natural marble stone in my bathroom and shower. It felt great when it was newly installed, but within 2 years, to my horror, I noticed that my shower had developed yellow stains. Mold was a common occurrence every two weeks. Initially, I would clean and scrub my bathroom myself passionately every month to maintain its sheen, but then I lost interest. The newness, lustre, sheen and beauty had long gone.

Using Imperia Deep Clean  – Do-It-Yourself:

ImperiaDeepclean - Reviews -pFOkUS

When I got to know about Imperia Deep Clean, I grabbed it right away. After reading the instructions, I used it to clean my stained and dirty shower. It was full of mold, soap scum and etch marks. The etch marks had developed recently when I poured an acidic cleaner on the tile and grout, thinking to clean it. (But it made matters worse!) 

Most cleaners available on the market are acidic. These result in etch marks on the natural stone tile. They also damage the delicate grout. Some cleaners available on the market are not strong enough to eliminate stains and mold at the root level. A deep-penetrative cleaner is the perfect solution for natural stone tile and grout. 


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To my surprise, this robust and powerful cleaner ripped away all the stains, mold and yellow spots from my marble tile, sink, bathtub and walls. My marble bathroom became spic and span just like before and, it was not rough like before. The etch marks had also become clean. Now I just needed a way to remove the etch marks to get my glossy bathroom like before.

Using Sentura – Do-It-Yourself:

I next used Sentura to seal my shower corners. I had first got caulking done to seal the corners, but within 6 months, it began to peel off and turn black. Sometimes, the caulk would also crack. Eventually, the tile corners started looking dirty, chipped and stained. I also saw a lot of mold breeding on the caulk, which was ironic really!  Later, I started getting caulking done after 6 months to prevent damage. This not only mounted my restoration costs, it also left a burden on my mind always. But, after I came to know about Sentura, I was a happy person. 

Sentura by pFOkUS is a caulk replacement product. It is an epoxy/resin adhesive/filler that can be used to fill holes, chips and cracks in your tile and grout. It is also used to seal shower corners. Like the instructions read, I shaded it with Caponi to get the exact shade of my marble tile and then used it to seal the corners. 

I also used Sentura to cover a small crack in my showewr tile and I was amazed at the wonderful way it hid the crack and resulted in a seamless surface. My corners are intact and sealed until today, and it has been a year now and my bathroom looks great, shining and absolutely clean and beautiful.

Using Celine for Sealing and Polishing – By D’Sapone Experts:

Later, I got to know about Celine and how it can hide the etch marks and make the tile waterproof to prevent re-staining and mold occurrence. But for this, I hired professionals from D’Sapone who also use pFOkUS products. They expertly sealed my grout first with Caponi, and then sealed my tile with Celine. Later, they polished my tile with Celine again to hide the etch marks forever. It has been a year now and my marble bathroom looks as good as new.

I would recommend pFOkUS to everyone who reads this review. This is an honest review based on my personal experience. Do try pFOkUS products if  you want to maintain the beauty of your homes and commercial complexes. They have a huge range of deep cleaners for tile and grout, glass cleaners, tile, grout and glass sealers and also some amazing shower seals, sweeps and thresholds. When it comes to shower restoration, trust only pFOkUS products.