Zep Shower Tub and Tile Cleaner Vs pFokUS Imperia Deep Clean copy

Zep Shower Tub and Tile Cleaner Vs pFokUS Imperia Deep Clean

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There are many hard surface cleaners launched on the market frequently. While some promise jaw-dropping results, we realize only later how we have been cheated. Not every cleaner available is true to its claims. In this article, we shall discuss the pros and cons of two such products available for hard surface cleaning. Zep shower tub and tile cleaner has been doing the rounds on the stores for some years. We will compare this to pFOkUS Imperia Deep Clean and arrive at a final verdict.

Zep Shower Tub and Tile Cleaner

Zep shower tub and tile cleaner prides itself to be an acidic solution that can make your bathroom cleaning task easier. It is a professional grade solution that breaks up rust, soap scum and other tough buildup on coming in contact with bathroom floors, tile and tubs. Zep firmly believes that professionals only rely on acid-based formulations to dissolve common water-related bathroom stains. Keeping this in mind, they have formulated Zep – a powerful acidic solution to make your cleaning tasks easier and effortless. 


  • This tile and stone cleaner is an acidic-no scrub formula. It quickly eliminates all the rust, stains and mold settled on the bathroom tile and shower tub.
  • It is quite efficient on soap scum, calcium, limescale and dirt.
  • It removes hard water stains and rust.
  • It is available in various size bottles containing 1 gallon and 1 quart.


  • The user needs to wear gloves and eye-glasses while using this acidic formulation.
  • The very fact that it is acidic often leaves etching marks on costly natural stone tile.
  • It discolors the grout on tile.
  • Makes the surface rough if left for a longer period.
  • Does not remove deep-rooted stains formed inside the pores of natural stone tile and porous grout.

pFOkUS Imperia Deep Clean

This tile and stone cleaner is a master formulation from pFOkUS that delivers excellent cleaning results without hampering the tile and grout top layer. It is a deep-penetrating and rejuvenating tile cleaner that enters the pores of natural stone tile and porous grout, thereby eliminating all traces of hidden mold, mildew and stains at the root level. It is an alkaline formula that does not cause any harm to the surface. It does not cause any etching marks.


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  • Deep-penetrating formula that knocks off mold and stains hiding in the pores of the surface.
  • Alkaline product that does not cause any etching on the surface.
  • Does not discolor grout or tile like other acidic cleaners.
  • This rejuvenating tile cleaner is available in a concentrated solution that can be diluted upto one gallon.
  • It is meant for deep-cleaning and sanitization to deliver a completely sanitized surface.


  • None

Final Verdict:

Zep shower tub and tile cleaner is a powerful bathroom cleaner but Imperia Deep Clean is a better life tub and tile cleaner. When buying tile and tub cleaners, you do not only look at how fast and how easily it removes the stains, but also on the condition of the surface after cleaning. We all want products that promise to deliver a sheen and lustre on our surfaces, while also deep-cleaning them. We do not want products that compromise on the integrity of our tile and tubs.

After regular use of acidic cleaners on tile and tubs, the surface becomes harsh, hard, etched and dull. Cleaners should be formulated in such a way that they are gentle on the surface and yet tough on the stains. pFOkUS Imperia Deep Cleanis a clear winner of the two, as it understands the chemistry of cleaning agents and tile and tub surfaces better.