10 Tips for Enjoying Myrtle Beach like A Local

10 Tips for Enjoying Myrtle Beach like A Local

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It’s always fun to discover hidden gems when exploring new places, especially less-known ones. Finding them has become a favorite pastime for many visitors to the 60 miles of gorgeous, sandy beaches in Myrtle Beach. On the coast of South Carolina, every day is a beach day. The beaches along the Grand Strand invite you to forget your worries in the warmth of the sun while listening to the waves lapping at the shore.

In Myrtle Beach, even visitors can feel like a local thanks to the abundance and variety of beach housing and condos many vacationing families rent. Moreover, our guide can help you learn a bit more about the area so it can make your visit to Myrtle Beach extra memorable. Continue reading.

  1. Flip-flops: Invest in them:

There’s nothing better than walking on sandy beaches in flip-flops. Regardless of whether you live near Myrtle Beach or not, you should dress accordingly. And if you truly want to experience the area like a local, get acquainted with the local attire. Locals here are generally laid back, and you’ll mostly see them wearing flip-flops, even in restaurants and entertainment places. They give off happy, carefree vibes with no worries of tomorrow.

  1. Explore Places Other Than the Beach:

Myrtle Beach boasts 60 miles of spectacular Atlantic coastline, but the beach is only the beginning. The area consists of 12 different communities, and three of them (Conway, Aynor, and Loris) are inland. So, if you’re looking for things to do in Myrtle Beach without going crazy, exploring these areas should be at the top of your list.

Known as the locals’ best-kept secrets, these historic towns exude classic southern charm. You’ll also find historical museums, family-friendly festivals, and authentic southern cooking.

  1. Pick the Right Time:

Myrtle Beach is the perfect place to visit in the fall. Although locals know that fall is one of the best times of year along the coasts, the secret is spreading. In addition to lower prices, you won’t have to fight crowds of people at restaurants and attractions.

  1. Catch a sunrise at least once:

While Californians can brag about their sunsets, Carolinians boast about their sunrises! The feeling of sleeping in may be heavy on some during a vacation, but I got to watch the color play in the sky at dawn! Set your alarm clocks at least one morning to catch (and photograph!) The sun comes up and spreads joy on your face as it unfolds. The vibrant sunrise on Myrtle Beach never fails to impress and will leave you with an exhilarating experience!

  1. At Marsh Walk, you’ll see things differently:

A great mix of music, fresh seafood, and good people can often be found at Murrells Inlet MarshWalk. In the heart of Murrells Inlet, visitors can enjoy some of the best waterfront dining places in the area, thanks to multiple waterfront restaurants serving local specialties and fresh seafood against the lush landscape of a saltwater lagoon. At many of the restaurants, you can enjoy great music on select evenings along with ravishing food.

  1. Get a new perspective on the Grand Strand:

Nothing can beat the experience of exploring the deep waters than actually being in them. You’re familiar with Myrtle Beach’s long beaches. However, that’s not where ‌sea life and exploration ends. With the right Myrtle Beach kayak tour, you’ll get to travel through some of the Grand Strand’s most remote areas. You’ll experience the Grand Strand like never before when you take a kayak tour through the winding creeks, saltwater marshes, and barrier islands along the Grand Strand.

  1. Discover Myrtle Beach’s iconic restaurants:

While you’re here, dine at a family-owned historic restaurant to satisfy your appetite and meet locals. The Sea Captain’s House, Peaches Corner, Hoskins Restaurant, and Mammy’s Kitchen are a few favorites.

  1. Bring Out Your Inner Artist:

Most visitors miss out on the area’s cultural side when they stay there. There are also annual passes available for attractions such as Brookgreen Gardens, where visitors can see the largest outdoor display of American sculpture along with centuries-old oak trees. They can also visit the Franklin G. Burroughs-Simeon B. Chapin Art Museum, which showcases contemporary visual arts in many media.

  1. Get a taste of the local music:

Live music venues like the Bowery on the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk and the Boathouse on the ICW allow you to experience the area like a local. For added fun, you may also find some shag parties in Murrells Inlet MarshWalk.

  1. Play catch on the beach:

A beach vacation wouldn’t be complete without a game of ball, would it? In Myrtle Beach, you can find tons of locals playing volleyball along the coast. A game on the sand is as relaxing and fun as it is challenging, whether you’re throwing a Frisbee or playing soccer. So, pack a ball in your beach bag and play ball games with family and friends to make the most of your vacation! Not only will you have a memorable time, but you’ll also get the chance to meet new people and make new friends!

Final Words:

While adding the items above to your itinerary will make your time at Myrtle Beach extremely enjoyable, it would be wise to ask a local for advice. They are cool laid back people who love being hospitable and would guide you and even give you a tour of this happening area. So when you’re at the beach, be sure to ask for insider tips and make the most of your visit.