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6 top reasons you should opt for a social work degree in 2022

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The career you choose will change your entire life. Select a field where your heart lies because only then will you be able to give it your best and succeed. If you are an altruist at heart and love helping others, there are many paths you can take. One major branch to consider is social work; it encompasses many highly rewarding specializations you can choose from. This dynamic profession allows you to help individuals and families in need actively. For social workers, the primary aim is the betterment of society as a whole and the marginalized groups in particular. Their focus is on social problems like abuse, addiction, poverty, etc. Especially during the prevalent pandemic situation, and subsequent economic crisis, social work has become much more important. If you are considering getting a social work degree in 2022, here is why you are making a perfect choice:


  1.     It opens interesting career options:

With a social work degree, you can take on many specialized professions largely divided into direct practice, clinical, and macro social work. In direct practice, you get to work with families and communities. With clinical practice, you can engage in mental health evaluations and treatments.

On the other hand, macro social workers have no direct involvement with vulnerable groups. Instead, they work with the government and other institutions. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, growth in social work between 2018 and 2028 is expected to be 11%. All the various fields of social work are becoming more and more important; a degree in social work will open numerous career options for you. With an online MSW (Master’s of Social Work), you can become a clinical or hospital social worker, substance abuse counselor, justice social worker, child welfare worker, school social worker, among others.

  1. You get to make a difference:

Social workers have long since been working towards improving the quality of life for people in many societies. If you truly wish to dedicate your life to helping others overcome obstacles in life, social work is the perfect career choice for you. Over decades, these professionals have helped improve public mental health, enhance the lives of homeless people, domestic abuse victims, and foster children, and educate families and parents. In times of crisis, social workers have worked for better overall community health and public welfare. In the United States, they have been active throughout the 1960s civil rights movement and fought for workers’ rights on numerous occasions. If you wish to pursue a career that gives you the platform to bring such change, social work is a perfect choice.

  1. The demand for social workers has increased:

With improvement in the healthcare industry, the population is aging. Research shows that by 2050, there will be 88.5 million Americans over the age of 65 and only 5% of all social workers are gerontologists. This, together with the Covid-19 pandemic, has made this profession a much greater necessity. As the world globalizes, immigration has increased. Many states now need social workers to address the demands of the various communities living in the area. The projected employment in certain social work careers is greater than others. Child and family, healthcare, mental health, and substance abuse social workers are expected to increase in demand the most. With this ever-increasing demand, now is just the right time to get a degree in social work. You will find many job opportunities without any hassle.

  1. You can get a master’s degree without having a bachelor’s degree in social work:

As surprising as that sounds, it is true! Unlike most other degree programs, you can apply for a master’s if you have done a bachelor’s in any field from an accredited university. If you apply for a master’s degree program when you have an unrelated bachelor’s degree, convey your interest in social work through your personal statement or motivation letter.

  1. It opens doors to jobs with great starting salaries:

Social work is a high-paying profession where the starting salary, according to Glassdoor, is around $55,283 annually. If you get a Masters’s in Social work, the salary may rise, going up to $110,000. The monthly income varies between different social work professions and geographical locations. Yes, the job is demanding, but the returns surely make it worth the effort.

  1. Most top universities offer degree courses in social work:

When getting a master’s degree, university options are a major consideration. You have a never-ending set of options if you wish to study abroad for social work. Some top universities have well-equipped libraries, experienced faculty, research facilities, dual degree programs, and much more. Here, you will experience a diverse cultural community and learn from the best instructors; after that, you can join leading organizations in top professions.

Final words:

If you have ever considered getting a degree in social work, go for it! There can be no better time. Social work will always be necessary for any community. The profession is high in demand with well-paying jobs. Moreover, the career options are numerous! You can choose from the best universities, and above all, you can make a difference in the lives of many. With a master’s in social work, you can get a job at a great starting salary and select a specialization that interests you. There is no career more satisfying than one where you can help others, especially if you enjoy volunteer work.