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Everything you Need to Know About the Bird Zero AM Bike

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The Bird Zero AM is a rowdy trail hardtail bike that has created quite a buzz amidst bike lovers. So, here is a detailed review on this bike if you have been eyeing it for quite some time.

About the Brand:

Bird Bikes is a small UK-based mail order company selling the latest aluminum trail mountain bikes that anyone who is interested in this extreme mountain sports. The company started initially near Swinley in Southern England, but now has various branches across the country. They make demo bikes available from various local dealers. In their Wales outlet – CwmCarn, they allow you to try the bikes before you buy them. 

This company is a small growing company, but they have been very customer focussed since the beginning. They are also quite prompt with their email responses with their founders Ben or Dan replying and explaining to your queries yourself.

Bird Zero AM Bike:

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When you set out to buy a Bird Zero AM bike, you will find them in bright colors like the popular Atomic blue color frame. The bike is also affordable and worthy of its cost. The medium long frame bird bike has a 630 mm top tube and 472mm reach. It comes with a 64.5 degrees head angle and a 76 degrees seat angle. Here is some in-depth analysis of its main factors.

The Ride:

All the parts of a bike make a contribution to its performance. Many people buy this bike for its frame and then get it made as per their requirements. The frame is very stiff and built from an alloy frame that is hard enough to take rough wear and tear. The rear of the frame has fat seatstays and heavily engineered chainstay yoke. The long wheelbase keeps the bike stable  at Some background: I’d had a 2010 Soul with 140mm Fox 32s as my hardtail for a long time. It was great but compared to my full-sus with modern geometry and big forks it started to feel rather short, tall and nervous on more challenging trails.

Transferable lifetime warranty:

The aluminum frame – 6061 – T6 comes with a lifetime warranty. It is transferable from generations to generations and you will never have to worry about its resale value. It comes with a 2.4 inches rear tyre that gives a lot of mud clearance. This bike also has provisions for fitting in a 2.8 inches bike. 

Long, low and comfortable ride:

When analyzing the bike on a detailed back-to-back testing, you will find it feels low, comfortable and long. It comes with a 780mm bar that helps a lot. The super-long top tube is certainly helpful. The 6ft 3 inches tube offers a very comfortable fit with extra breathing room while climbing. Bird Zero AM is a very fast, confident and fun bike. The 74-degrees seat angle is also quite deep that lets you climb at the toughest pitches and its long front end ensures that you can easily slide the saddle forward for getting the best climbing comfort. This with the cockpit not getting too cramped. 

Confident Swagger in the Rough Stuff:

The Bird Zero AM has a long wheelbase of 1233 mm. It is planted at the front end that helps the bike to rip through technical and rooty sections with an amazing confidence. It gives you a full-sus ride on aggro hardtails just like the Kona, Ragley and Commencal. When racing down rough downhills, the slack front end tyre takes a little of the sting of the rear too and helps to balance out a mismatched feeling that sometimes hardtails offer. The wide bar and the long front triangle also gives confidence to weigh the front end better in difficult terrains. 


The Bird Zero AM is a long, low and slack frame that inspires confidence. This bike has a supple, supportive and adjustable fork. It has a great stock specification and an option to pick and mix your parts to suit your tastes and budget. It gives enough clearance for mud pits. A tough mountain terrain can have some really rocky and muddy pits, but with this bike, you need not compromise on your speed while going uphill.


This Bird Zero AM can be a little better with even wider rims.

Main Features and Specifications that make Bird Zero AM a must-have Bike:

  • It gives you the maximum trail riding efficiency owing to its 150mm or 160 mm front suspension.
  • It has now been updated to run a boost 148 x 12 rear wheel so as to enhance tyre clearance.
  • The bike has a spacious ETT and reach sizing to match the Aeris range – 630mm ETT on the ML side and 451mm reach.
  • It supports super short chainstays to give you a playful ride.
  • The slacker head angle is 64.1 degrees with a 160mm fork that gives confidence in riding all kinds of terrain.
  • Bird Zero AM has a single piece machined brake mount and a dropout assembly for maximum accuracy and minimum squeal.
  • It offers a 27.5 x 2.8 inches tyre clearance.
  • You also get a tubeless set up out of the box.

Final Verdict:

The Bird Zero AM update bike has definitely additional quality and refinements that boost its already popular design. The revised geo and the new boost spacing brings it up to date with Aeris full suspension bikes, but do not compromise on the easy riding quality. It is also more affordable than the other renowned brands like Aeris and hence packs quite a punch when considered for its pricing and quality. 

So, if you have been wanting to get  yourself a hardtail mountain bike, then you can consider investing in the sturdy frame of the Bird Zero AM bike and get it modified as per your budgets and preferences.