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Can We Do Screen Recording Of Live IPL Match On Hotstar While Subscribe?

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The entire nation is getting geared up for the Indian Premier League starting on 19th September, 2020. The cricket fever is on the rise at a greater intensity this year owing to the delay due to COVID-19. Cricket crazy fans cannot wait to log on to their accounts on Hotstar and other sports channels to view these matches live.

IPL 2020 – Live Match On Hotstar:

IPL 2020 will be broadcasted on Star Sports network in India. But many people do not subscribe to these sports channels as they do not watch sports regularly. Disney Hotstar also will be providing live streaming of IPL matches. It will be available for a cost of Rs 399 for a year on Disney + Hotstar VIP. Those who have subscribed to Disney  + Hotstar Premium can also watch these live matches. This works out cheaper than subscribing for Star Sports every month or annually. Moreover, Star Sports also offers the commentary in Hindi only. For cricket fans who love to watch the commentaries in English, Disney Hotstar is a much better option.

Can We Do Screen Recording Of Live IPL Match On Hotstar:

Another issue with watching live IPL matches on Hotstar is that many people tend to record the matches on their smartphones or smart TVs and share the links with their friends. While the friends may get to watch the matches for free, there are two major disadvantages to this. One, they cannot watch the matches live and secondly, if anyone comes to know about the screen recording, it will lead to a policy glitch which is a very serious crime. If any authority comes to know about the illegal screening of the IPL matches, the person responsible may have to pay a huge fee.

In this scenario, to take such a huge risk for Rs. 399 is hardly worth it. We recommend you all to watch the Live IPL matches on your own smartphone by taking this cheap paid subscription. Enjoy watching your favorite sports stars from the comfort of your home without having to worry about getting caught.

When it comes to India’s cricket fever, no one should compromise. While Hotstar is taking steps to block the screen recording option for these matches, there are some hackers who may find an alternative. But doing so may be very risky. It is better to watch your beloved sport stars create magic in the matches by paying a small subscription fee.


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