Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Surfboard

Your Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Surfboard

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Surfing has always been one of the favorite things for people of the coastal areas. The way it rejuvenates and enriches our feelings is just amazing. It is something about water that makes us feel so good. We completely lose our taste of time once we land in the water. And this feeling can be enhanced further if you choose to do it with a Mini Malibu surfboard. The fun you are going to have in surfing is directly proportional to the quality of your surfboard. This article is going to guide you in choosing the best surfboard for your activity. You can have a quick look at that by clicking here.

Why does the quality of surfboards matter?

At first, you need to understand the definition of quality here. If you think the quality is all about the colors and finish, you are wrong. The quality of a surfboard directly relates to its ability to cut through the water. It is more about the shape and size than the other factors. The way a surfboard has been shaped is highly responsible for its dynamics. So, it becomes highly important for the surfers to choose the right surfboard in any case. Let us give you an outlook of the main contributing factors to the quality of a surfboard.

Size i.e. length and width:

The selection of size depends on your choice of waves. If you like surfing in fat and small waves, you should definitely go for wider waves. Those who are interested in deep and hollow waves should opt for narrower surfboards. The utility of these boards varies based on the way you surf. Some people are not good at catching the waves, especially in the beginning. They should buy longer boards but longer boards are quite difficult to turn. Quicker movements are possible on shorter boards.


Thickness is not always about how sturdy the board will be. In fact, it affects the ability of boards to ride very much. The middle portion of the surfboard is the main area holding the thickness but in some boards, the tail section is also thick up to a large extent.


Rocker refers to the overall curve of the board from its tail to nose. Once you view the surfboard from the side, you will see the rocker in its complete shape. If the surfboard has more rocker i.e. more curvy, it will be slower. On the other hand, the flat boards are faster.

Your best destination:

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