Great Career Options With No Degree

Great Career Options With No Degree

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With more people working from home these days, it’s no wonder today’s young professionals are looking for alternative paths to jumpstart their careers. If you’re ready to start your career but aren’t too keen on going to school, good news! There are now tons of college-free programs you can sign up for to get certified in various professions. As you consider different options, here are some suggestions for great career paths that you can start without pursuing your degree.

Become A Peer Counselor:

Peer counselors are a big part of social work and other organizations that strive to speak out for those without a voice. Many organizations are eager to hire peer counselors to help those seeking guidance, especially teens and young adults coming out of difficult environments and situations.

As a peer counselor, you’ll provide your experience dealing with similar issues in your life and offer support and advice based on the specifics that the organization you work for looks to achieve. You just need a high school diploma to get started progressing in the healthcare sector.

If you thought the only option was to work for a flight attendant salary, think again! Today there are tons of money-making options for no-degree careers!

Become A Mental Health Coach:

As a mental health coach, you’ll care for an individual’s non-clinical mental health needs. Your clients will not be going to you for diagnostic advice. They will be individuals looking to better themselves with lifestyle and mindset management skills that you can provide.

To become a mental health coach, you can sign up and pay to receive an online certification program that teaches you all you need to know to begin working with your clients on building healthy habits.

You’ll learn today’s social psychology basics like attachment styles, hypnosis, and other mindset-shaping skills that can help you benefit your clients. The best part? You can do the entire thing at your own pace and ultimately be accredited with mental health organizations that put you in the driver’s seat in terms of impressing future clients with your credentials.

Become A Voice Teacher:

If you love to sing and can play the piano, you are more than qualified to teach kids and adults of all ages how to sing and read music! Many people are interested in taking voice lessons and don’t know where to start!

Voice students are usually just looking for someone to show them how it’s done. You don’t need anything but your own training in voice and music theory to get started. Work from your own home music studio and create your own business as a voice teacher.

Become A Freelance Writer:

You can find advice and support about streamlining your freelance writing career from those who have made a living out of it online. With enough experience and a great portfolio, nothing stops you from building your own writing business with freelance writing!

There are many options to make careers out of the gig economy. As a freelance writer, you’ll learn how to build your client base and write content for a variety of different needs. You’ll have your work lined up, from blog posts to memoirs, if you know where to look!

The Bottom Line:

Today, people want faster ways to get ahead in their careers. While pursuing your college degree is always an option, it may not be the ideal path you want to walk down at this time. That is totally okay! Consider the career options in this article to get a feel for alternative careers you might pursue instead. You’ve got this!