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How many Days until Halloween and Halloween Gift Ideas

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Halloween, the lovely festival of silly shenanigans and eerie laughter all around is just around the corner. We celebrate this crazy day on 31st October this year. Since the lockdown took away a lot of fun from most of our festivals this year, Americans are looking forward to celebrating Halloween with great pomp and show, now that the lockdown has relaxed. So, if you are counting how many days until Halloween, then do mark your calendars for 31st October

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How many days until Halloween precisely? Well, just 160 days. These are enough to plan, prepare, buy, create and order all your party supplies for the big bash. If we have got you all excited for the big day, then here is a big fat list of Halloween Gift Ideas that can be useful. If you want inspirations from a Halloween party near me, we have got you all sorted. Here are some wonderful ideas inspired by the best parties that happened last year. 

Halloween Gift Ideas:

Since halloween is all about spooky and scary decor and dress up, why not add an element of spookiness in your gifts too? Not everybody thinks of gifting on Halloween, but you can take your party to the next level, by packing funny, amusing and scary gifts for your friends and family. Here are some ideas.

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Funny Halloween Shirts:

This is something you can create on your own. Not only will this add a personal touch to your gifts, but also take your creativity to the next level. Just buy plain colored tees of various sizes. Get fabric paints. Next, paint all Halloween items such as a ghost face, pumpkins, candles, etc on these t-shirts. Your guests will love these party favors and will also appreciate you on your craft.

Halloween Mugs:

This is a very creative idea too. You can easily get numerous plain colored Halloween mugs online or from the store. You can paint various Halloween items such as pumpkins, scary faces, candles, or just write funny one-liners on these mugs. Mugs are useful to everyone. Your guests will simply love your creative streak and these mugs will always remind them of your party.

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Halloween Cats:

Black cats ooze of spookiness and haunted vibes. If you want to add the picture of a black Halloween cat on your gifts, then we have plenty of ideas for you. You can paint a scary looking black cat image on a coffee mug or on a t-shirt. You can also make Halloween cat decor as a party backdrop. As masks have become a common and essential ensemble these days owing to CoronaVirus, you can get black face masks and paint cat whiskers on them. This will also be a cute Halloween gift. 

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Halloween House:

A Halloween house is a popular decor item used as a party prop or decor for Halloween parties. You get readymade spooky houses from party supplies stores. These are painted in black and made from thermocol or cardboard. Some pumpkins are painted along with ghost images. You can also make your own haunted halloween house at home by looking at some inspirations on the internet. These make for a fun decor and enable you to get a complete haunted theme look for your party. A Halloween house can be placed on the table next to the food spread to create a more eerie effect. 

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Halloween Pikachu:

Pikachu is an all-time favorite cartoon for kids. When planning your Halloween decor, you can include Pikachus on all your gifts and add an element of spookiness around to create the perfect Halloween Pikachu. For example, you can paint Pikachu images on black t-shirts or mugs to make them look spooky. You can paint small pikachus on black face masks and give them as halloween gifts. An eerie looking halloween Pikachu costume can also be made easily by looking at some examples on the internet.

Halloween Chocolates:

Prepare your own home-made chocolates and then wrap them up in Halloween wrappers. To make halloween wrappers, you can buy black gift wrapping paper. Then, wrap each chocolate like a regular toffee in the centre. On the front, paint eyes and teeth with white to make them look scary. Put all these in  a black jar painted in a similar style. You can gift these Halloween chocolate jars to all those who attend your party.

Halloween Pumpkin Basket:

Pumpkins have been associated with Halloween since time immemorial. To create your monstrously sweet Halloween gift basket, buy pumpkins from the market, or get similar artificial pumpkins easily available. Paint them in black and scary features to make them look perfect for Halloween. You can add chocolate bars, energy drinks, or any other items you want to gift inside the pumpkins. To make it look more Halloweeny, add some artificial spiders or eyes in the pumpkin.

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Halloween Sanitizers:

A great gift idea for the Covid-19 Halloween Party this year, you can gift sanitizers and pack them up in a scary way. Get all the possible germs, spiders, mosquitoes and flies either in 3D or 2D image form and stick them on your bottle. Paint your own party message on the sanitizer and give this useful item to all.

Halloween Candles:

You can also gift scary candles as party favors. Get black candles from the market and stick eyes and blood dots on them to make them look scary. These can also be created for party decor and props. 

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These are some fun ideas that we got from a Halloween party near me. You can take inspiration from these and create your own party gifts. You can also use the same to create the most monstrously, wizardly, scary party ever!