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Is Hotstar better than Netflix

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The Inflexible competition is between Hotstar and Netflix. Netflix is a world sensation with its presence in most of the countries globally. Hotstar, on the opposite hand, is sort of local to India and is currently expanding to some other countries. During this content, I’m trying to compare Netflix and Hotstar and look at which is the best platform between them. 

Playback Experience :

Netflix : Netflix comes with options to settle on the playback quality of videos and it also adapts its quality to support the network speed. The playback speed of Netflix may be a lot better on slower connections than Hotstar since it’s partnered with various operators to serve their content faster on their connections. 

Hotstar:  Hotstar also has the good playback quality as well as options to manage video quality and also has the choice to travel very average in terms of video quality Netflix doesn’t give but the one issue with Hotstar is speed. Since Hotstar may be a free application, there’s plenty more traffic on Hotstar than Netflix. This, in turn, causes traffic issues on the Hotstar application which causes the video playback to become slow every now and then. 

Interface :

A decent interface can give better constant experience making the method of content consumption smooth and freed from glitches. Netflix – Netflix has quick results on what type, which is extremely useful and within the meantime saves the dear time of its users. The application is all around well constructed and is simple to browse on all the platforms whether it’s a smartphone, laptop or television. 

Hotstar: Hotstar has support for quick search ends up in real time, but the feature is improved by plenty. In spite of the very fact that the appliance is incredibly much well constructed, yet at the same time, there are some glitches here and there which cause the app to crash every now and then which isn’t an honest thing. 


Netflix: has tons of in-house critically acclaimed series in addition as Netflix originals movies which you cannot discover anyplace else. they’re stacked with House of Cards, Stranger Things, Black Mirror, Narcos, and lots of other award-winning shows and flicks. Indeed, they even offer a massive index of Netflix Originals within the nation. they need motion pictures similarly, however, Bollywood content is constrained but everything on Netflix is uncensored.

Hotstar : Hotstar with its Premium membership, Hotstar coupon code US users offers a number of the simplest western shows and flicks like Game of Thrones, geographical area, American Crime Story and plenty of more. Hotstar has recently started releasing Hotstar Originals for the Indian audience and shortly will fill up with some great movies and television series. Coming to Bollywood and Regional films with Indian TV shows and films, Hotstar offers the foremost extended assortment as far as Indian content goes. Hotstar even offers live streaming Ipl or the other shows of Cricket and other sports exclusively online, which makes Hotstar a hot most loved and demanding among the three.

Also, Hotstar incorporates a contract with HBO which allows them to release every HBO show in India exclusively so we will watch HBO originals like Game of Thrones, Barry, Westworld, geographic area, and lots of other critically acclaimed HBO shows on Hotstar exclusively. Therefore, in terms of content, we will say that Hotstar leads with a giant margin because it incorporates a collection of shows and films from Showtime, HBO, and plenty of other international production houses and on top of that it’s an enormous collection of regional TV shows and flicks from India and exclusive streaming rights on the foremost popular sporting events in India. 

Video Quality:

The nature of video you get together with your web transfer speed and what substance you’ll download. Netflix – Netflix can play good quality video at lower web speeds which may be a good option for the Indian watchers who don’t always get the simplest connection speeds. On Netflix application downloads are accessible and are easy to download. It also contains a feature which downloads the subsequent episode of an ongoing series automatically. 

Hotstar: Hotstar faces some video live streaming problems when the huge amount of people is high on the platform thanks to cricket matches or other high traffic times. On Hotstar application downloads are accessible, however only for Indian and some specific countries  Content. 

Cost :

The Indian market could be a price sensitive one. so as for a product to succeed, it must be affordable by Indian standards and therefore the product should justify its tag so as to be a hit within the Indian market. During this section, I’m comparing both the streaming giants in terms of cost of their service.

Netflix : Netflix has plans beginning at a cheap price per month for the fundamental plan with no QHD support and just one screen at a time and it’s higher Price for normal and Premium memberships which gives playback on more screens than at a one time and QHD quality. 

Hotstar : Hotstar offers countless free shows and motion pictures so you’ll watch most of the Indian content and Hotstar original programming at no cost As well as offering Hotstar coupon code US, Hotstar promo code US, Special offer for USA users however the premium membership of Hotstar which supplies you access to international shows from production houses like HBO, Showtime, etc. further as latest Bollywood and Hollywood movies will cost you 199 Rs. per month or 999 Rs. each year for one screen.