Pull-Up Banner Design Tips

Pull-Up Banner Design Tips That Marketers Need To Keep in Mind for Ensuring High Impact

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Pull-up banners are popular with marketers for raising brand awareness and communicating information on products and services. They are cost-effective and a long-lasting option and can create a high impact on the target audience. However, to get the maximum ROI, the banner displays need to be designed right. Some of the key elements, you need to keep in mind when designing a pull-up banner:

Intended Application:

Unarguably the most critical factor in banner design is how and where the banner is intended to be used. You also need to think hard about the message you are going to communicate. The design of the banner will vary accordingly. You also need to decide where you will display the banners. Your design will also need to consider how close your audience will be when viewing the banner, how cluttered the environment is, what kind of background is there, and how fast the traffic passing by is. If your audience is at a distance, you need to use a large banner with a clear design and big fonts, and minimal text to get the maximum attention. Making sure that the design of the pull up banners does not make it merge with the background is also essential.

Branding and Messaging:

The first thing you need your audience to do is to associate your business with the banner they are viewing. It makes it imperative for you to place the name of the business and the logo right at the top of the banner since it is at eye level and, therefore, most visible. A strong logo helps customers to identify your business easily, according to a report in Huffington Post. The most important message should follow immediately thereafter in crisp and clear language so that it can be easily understood in the couple of seconds the average person passing by will spare to look at your banner. You must also take care to include the contact details and website address of your business. The best position for this is right at the bottom of the banner; however, you need to make it big enough to be readable.

Images and Text:

Images and graphic designs are among the most important elements of a pull-up banners design. Not only do you need to use a visually arresting image to catch the attention of the audience but also ensure it is brilliant and sharp enough to reinforce your business reputation. A fuzzy and pixilated image does not go down well with potential customers. The use of text, even though essential, must be kept to the bare minimum to make it easy for viewers to understand the message. The font should be large enough to make reading easy, so you need to have an idea of the typical viewing distance. Do not use fancy typefaces as they are more difficult to read, especially on the go.


For your banner design to be effective, you must archive a proper balance of color, image, and text. Understanding the application and use of the banner is key to getting the design right.