Simple Baby Announcements

Adorable Yet Simple Baby Announcements

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All baby announcements are cute, but some of them manage to leave a mark on the recipient. You too should send cute and informative baby announcements that convey your precious message in a simple way. Most parents await for this moment eagerly when they can finally let their friends and family know about the baby’s arrival. Simple baby announcements of baby births can be sent in multiple ways and here are some cute tips.

Birth Announcement Etiquette:

You also need to follow some general protocols before sending the birth announcements, so that everyone receives your message with excitement,

  • When to Send the Birth Announcement?

When to Send the Birth Announcement

The exact timing of sending birth announcements depends on your schedule. There is no rule as to when you should send the announcement. You may take time to adjust to your newborn and then send. Friends and family will obviously understand, You can very well send the announcements a few weeks later or a month ahead. 

If you want to send the announcements via digital media, ensure that you have the list of emails or whatsapp contacts ready, so that you do not waste any time later.  But, there is no official ‘right’ time to send the announcement. It is a happy occasion and you may send it anytime you are free and feel like doing so. 

  • Whom to send the Birth Announcement to?

This again is entirely up to you. But, family members and relatives should be first on your list. Include close friends and also those who are your neighbors and office colleagues. Also, send to those who are in your immediate circle. 

  • Basic Information to Include

This includes basic information like the name of your baby, it’s gender and such other information. Baby’s height and weight are not compulsory to include. Add details of your baby’s website where you have uploaded your newborn’s pictures. You can also add the grandparent’s names.

  • Birth Announcements of Twins or Multiples

For twin birth declarations or declarations  of multiple babies, your declarations  should have that figure or subtleties. If you have adopted a baby, then you can add the adoption date and baby’s unique birth area. 

A simple baby announcement is quick and sweet and adheres to the basic rule of ‘Less is more’. 

Birth Announcements – Girl or Boy:

Birth Announcements - Girl or Boy

Birth announcements to reveal the gender of your baby in a simple way can be done by sending cute text messages or written cards with a box of chocolates. These simple announcements should have the names of the parents and basic information of the newborn. This includes the baby’s name, birthday, weight and length, gender or any other cute details you would want to disclose. A few people add a little sonnet or some close to home message alongside the subtleties, for example,

  • Just landed, Baby Name!
  • Hurray! Its a Boy (Or Girl) Say Hello to our Newest Family Member!!
  • Welcome to the World! (Baby Name)
  • Mother’s Name and Father’s Name have Been Blessed with a Baby (Boy or Girl) Today At Time.
  • It’s Official! Baby name Just Arrived on Birth Date! Proud Parents Names
  • Hello, My Name is Baby Name, and I am the Newest Member of the Surname Household!

On the off chance that you are sending charming realistic cards, there are numerous sites that offer pre-planned cards that you can pick and add your content. If  you are getting small cards printed, you will be given ample designs by your printer company. Some people send the card with a box of brownies/goodes/chocolates, etc as a happy gesture.

Baby Boy/Baby Girl Announcement Ideas:

Baby BoyBaby Girl Announcement Ideas

If you have already had a gender reveal party or a baby shower before where the gender of your baby was revealed to the public, then you may just choose to give a baby boy/baby girl announcement. Here are some ideas for that.

  • Our Little Man Has Arrived!
  • Surname Are Now Three – Mother Name, Father Name and Baby Name!
  • The King of the House has Taken his Throne! Please Welcome Baby Name to the Surname Household.
  • Hello, Handsome!! Baby Name has come to this World Today.
  • Introducing our Bouncing Baby Boy/Baby Girl!!
  • Pink/Blue is now our Favorite Color! Welcome Baby Name!
  • Pretty in Pink! Meet Baby Name!
  • Announcing the Arrival of our Darling Daughter Baby Name!
  • She is Sugar, She is Spice, She is Everything Nice! Meet Baby Name!!

Baby Announcements for New Moms:

Baby Announcements for New Moms

When a new mom has given birth to a baby, the announcement should be extra special and it can also include some text with the mom’s name. Some people even send pictures of the pregnant mom, and the new mom holding her newborn baby. Here are some ideas.

  • Mother’s Name Just Pulled Out a Part of her Heart! Welcome Baby Name!
  • Mother’s Name Delivered a Healthy and Bubbly Baby Boy/Girl Today! Meet Baby Name!

For first time moms and parents, simple baby announcements cards are very special and hence, you should think of some wordings beforehand to be able to send them on time later.