Six tips to help your kids develop straight teeth

Six tips to help your kids develop straight teeth

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Fortunate are those who have been blessed with a picture-perfect smile since childhood. For others, crooked teeth are a problem they have to deal with from early on. One primary concern for parents with young children is ensuring that their kids’ teeth grow straight.

Unfortunately, in terms of preventive dental care, Florida is the least healthy state in the United States; only 69.5% of children between the ages of 1 and 17 had at least one or more preventive visits for dental care in the last 12 years.

Remember that in most cases, crooked teeth must be fixed during early childhood before it becomes permanent. Keen to learn more? Read on to find out.

  1.  Look out for early signs:

The saying ‘the earlier, the better applies’ when attempting to fix crooked teeth. The earlier you catch signs of misaligned teeth, the easier it is to treat the problem without resorting to braces. Before the age of ten, alternative treatments like retainers, veneers, and dental crowns will likely suffice as a treatment for crooked teeth.

So, look for early signs; common indicators include difficulty speaking or eating, unusual facial appearance, or difficulty swallowing. If you’re living in Florida, it’s better to address the issue immediately by checking with a reliable and affordable dentist. Finding affordable orthodontic treatment in Clearwater, FL, isn’t difficult. Moreover, getting braces in Florida can cost between $4,800 – $7,135 for adults but significantly less for children.

  1. Stop thumb sucking:

Most parents treat thumb-sucking as a common habit that wanes with age and is often overlooked.

Yes, it is natural for babies to have the urge to suck their thumbs; they have a strong sucking reflex as a self-comforting behavior. However, this habit, especially if it persists after age two, can cause protruding front teeth.

This happens because pressure from the thumb pushes the upper teeth outwards, and since a baby’s gums are not yet fully developed, they are prone to be misaligned

As parents get their kids off their pacifiers, it is common for children to resort to thumb-sucking for comfort. So, if you notice this habit in your kid, attempt to identify the stress triggers that prompt them to engage in this self-stimulating behavior and help them overcome these triggers.

  1. Watch out for other bad habits:

If the use of a pacifier is prolonged and allowed to continue as your child ages, it has a similar impact to thumb sucking. As mentioned before, frequent pacifier use can gradually push the front teeth forward.

As your kid crosses the first year, limit the use of a pacifier and then phase it out slowly and steadily while replacing it with other distracting activities like rocking or cradling. Other bad habits you should look out for include breathing through the mouth, tongue thrusting, and reverse swallowing.

  1. Make visits to the dentist a routine:

Whatever the cause behind crooked teeth, frequent dental checks are the only way to quickly catch and treat the problem. Often it has nothing to do with specific practices in the kid’s childhood; sometimes, particular genetic makeup makes them more prone to developing crooked teeth later in life.

Genetic factors like abnormally large teeth, underbites, overbites, extra teeth, or misaligned jaws are common genetic issues that can be rectified through various dental procedures.

If your dentist does identify such a problem, they will recommend you to an orthodontist for alignment treatments like braces, retainers, or dental crowns.

  1. Ensure good oral hygiene:

Improper oral hygiene can also contribute to crooked teeth later on in life. When a child develops gum disease, and the decay extends to the gum, it can also cause the dormant adult teeth to decay.

Unfortunately, gum disease is very common in Florida. A survey revealed the top 10 states regarding gum disease and ranked Florida third place.

In fact, even crooked teeth contribute to gum disease because it is harder to clean plaque between them with a standard toothbrush. Either way, ensuring good oral hygiene early on will make your child less susceptible to developing crooked teeth.

  1. Be careful of what your kid eats:

What kid doesn’t like sugary delights? It can be hard to resist your kid’s plea for candy, but you must be smart about this. You can develop healthy eating habits early on by discouraging them from overeating candy. Instead, reward them with natural foods so that they develop positive associations.

Final words:

We hope this article gave you helpful insights on helping your kids develop straight teeth. Parents often struggle with identifying the right ways to help their children take care of their teeth, but there are various methods for fixing your child’s teeth when they’re young.

One of the best and most effective ways to ensure your kids develop straight teeth is to take them to the dentist to identify issues before they become severe. Moreover, ensure good oral hygiene, and limit sweets and carbonated drinks. Follow the tips mentioned in this article to ensure your kids develop straight teeth.

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