Which App Is Better Than Disney Hotstar To Watch Star Plus?

Which App Is Better Than Disney Hotstar To Watch Star Plus?

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We all have memories of our childhood growing up to watching shows, soaps and movies on Star Plus. However, as nothing is permanent and everything changes with time, so have the digital media channels today. Today, we have a large number of options when it comes to watching our favorite movies, shows and sports on television and smart phones.

Upgrades always come with better features and better offers. So is the case with the new digital media channels today. Disney Hotstar is a very popular digital channel today that offers a plethora of shows, , serials, movies, news, cartoons, music and sports in various Indian languages. There are various subscription schemes, the highest one being Disney + Hotstar Premium at Rs. 1499 annually. This works out way cheaper than subscribing to all Star Plus channels for a year.

Furthermore, Star Plus only offers shows in Hindi language, whereas in Hotstar, you can watch your favorite shows in your own regional language. You also get the option of viewing your shows with subtitles. You can opt for no ads and various other schemes to enjoy break-free viewership.

Hotstar offers all of Star Plus’s shows along with a lot more to watch. The best part is that you need not browse between different Star Plus channels as Hotstar offers everything in just one app. There are various options to save your viewing preference, your preferred language, age filter, genre preference and more.

With the advancement in technology, today, people have much better options of watching TV. Gone are the days, when Star Plus serials came with  5 to 8 minutes ad breaks in the middle. You can watch the same shows on your smart phones now in Hot Star and easily skip on the break time.

So, hurry up and quickly subscribe to Disney + Hotstar on your phone. You can download the app for free and enjoy some of the free shows available. Once you like it, you can decide between the Hotstar VIP pack or Hotstar Premium pack.

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